Liquid Chalk Markers

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Are you a teacher that uses a chalkboard and chalk on a daily basis?

Do you work at a restaurant where you write the daily specials on a chalk display?

Are you a parent that has creative children using chalk on a chalkboard or out on the sidewalk?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you need to check out liquid chalk markers. These will make your life so much easier. With liquid chalk, you get all the fun and creativity of chalk without the dust and without the mess!

liquid chalk markers

Liquid chalk markers can be used for even more things than regular chalk. You can use them on literally any non-porous surface like:


Chalkboard (of course!)




Glasses and mason jars


liquid chalk markers


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That means the possibilities are endless! You can write your menus write on the windows and wipe them off at the end of the day with ease. You can let your kids unleash their inner artist on their windows and then wash it away in minutes.

​You can even let kids decorate their glasses. Each day, they can have a brand new design on their cup of their own making!

​They’ll love the excitement and fun of getting draw on things they normally aren’t allowed to draw on. And you’ll love the ease and quickness of cleaning it up afterwards! It’s the best of both worlds.

And if that’s still not enough, these high quality chalk markers come with reversible tips. It’s got a chisel tip for doing thick, bold lines and a fine tip for doing fine detail and accents. This gives you so much versatility and functionality that you just can’t get with regular chalk.​

They also come in a wide variety of bright neon colors that are even more vibrant than regular chalk so your kids will absolutely love the beautiful artwork they will be able to create.​

But they aren’t just for kids! These liquid chalk markers are perfect for so many practical things like:

Kids Painting on Foil

Writing reminder notes on your mirror;

Take them to the office and use them to write notes on the window or any other glass surface;

Label mason jars filled with leftovers or your own DIY homemade products;

Personalize glasses for a party with cute cup designs that are easily washable after.